Process Mapping



The main purpose behind business process mapping is to assist organizations in becoming more efficient. A clear and detailed businessprocess map or diagram allows outside firms to come in and look at whether or not improvements can be made to the current process.

Most companies face serious challenges when roles overlap

1.) There is a lack of understanding about how the work of each person may add value to the workplace as a whole or in a chain of work activities.
2.) Key duties are left unattended in cases where. Everyone knows someone will do it, then in the end nobody steps in to do it.
3.) In most cases organisations pay for avoidable idle time.

Business process mapping takes a specific objective and helps to measure and compare that objective alongside the entire organization’s objectives to make sure that all processes are aligned with the company’s values and capabilities.

Kimlan team will take time to understand your processes with a view of reducing duplication and making sure that all unattended duties
are manned.

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