About Kimlan

Kimlan was established in 2011 as a financial and Management consultancy firm, the vision of our company is to promote the perpetuity of its clients’ businesses, and create the comfort of sustainability. In Kimlan we believe that proper business operational controls are key to success because lack of these controls expose businesses to risk that erodes shareholders investments.

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Annual Business Planning

Business Planning lays the foundation for the company activities

Natural Artrition

Should not deface your operations

Operational Plan

Will set the standards of Motion

Startup Planning

Helping an investor to answer the essential question of whether to proceed with the proposed idea or not.

Process Mapping

Will organise the operations of your company to increase efficiency

Financial Planning

Will help your company survive turbulent times

Marketing Plan

Will introduce your company to the world

Test Your Ideas

Evaluate whether the business will generate adequate cash-flow and profits

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